Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud To Be An American

I have been pretty disappointed in America and humans in general for quite a while. Today I have hope in human kind. I was proud as I watched President elect Obama's speech last night. I have never been interested enough to watch an acceptance speech before. I watched as people cheered and cried. People of every race, every religion and every sexual preference together. It was America as it should be. To listen to a man that doesn't trip on his own words unlike what we have now. Bush was amusing but it saddened me to see such an ignorant man in such a high power.

I was shocked and scared by the amount of McCain/Palin supporters. I was scared that we would get McCain because of people's prejudiced to an African American president, with a Muslim name. This is a victory for the underdog, the unsung. I grew up in a, thankfully, gender and race neutral household, but the rest of my family was very racist and fairly sexist. I grew up naive and colorblind as a child should. I grew up thinking I was a person, not a white woman. I was shocked when I grew up and faced the prejudices people still have against women and people of other races. I thought we had come a long way, I guess I was wrong. I now feel we have made progress. I can only imagine how much hope people of color have today.

Congratulations Mr. President! I know you and your family will do America proud! I look forward to change we need it now more than ever.


Sarah said...

Very well said. I was moved to tears by his acceptance speech. I like you, am very proud.

The Smiling Frog said...

I just hope something doesn't happen to Obama. All of the racists are crawling out of the woodwork. He's already doing good for our country. It would be nice if people could see past his skin color.