Friday, November 28, 2008

The bathroom is finished!

Well, the bathroom is finished, but that's it. I did it almost all myself, had a little help from my father. Only took me 1/2 hour to figure out how to put the molding in. Notice how my lovely water stained my new white bathtub already? Guess we'll have to spend a lot of $$ on a fancy water filtration system. Oh and the walls are supposed to look like old plaster and the wall with the window is crooked because the house it round.

I need a picture or photo though. I was going to put up a small oil painting I did a few years ago, but it's a little too small I think. I do have a painting I hate that I may gesso over and figure something out that would go well in the bathroom.

Next up is what I call my hallway or as close to a hallway as you can get in a dome. I bought orangey yellow paint for the walls and orangey cream paint for the ceiling. Sounds hideous, but it'll work. No one thought my ideas for the bathroom would work, but it all came together. Then comes the kitchen. I'm thinking red cupboards, but I don't know what other colors yet. I'm using recycled cupboards so they require a lot of sanding, patching and painting. Being more makes you creative!

Hopefully this link will work-
Bathroom Video


aliceinparis said...

A geodesic dome, cool!!! You did a great job on your bathroom give yourself a pat on the back:))

The Smiling Frog said...

Thank you, it's been a long rough journey building it. Finishing it off is the fun part, a little frustrating at times though. We've had to do some improvising because of it's shape.