Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok, another quick update!

A Facebook contest!! Win a custom recycled denim ball for your dog child.
Become a fan, leave a comment. Winner will be picked Friday.

While your at it fan Prudence & friend Leo Ross! I have no idea how to link facebook stuff so you'll have to look it up. Sorry for my lack of computer skillz. :)

As provided by my right hand girl, Ashley-
Pru's facebook

Leo's facebook

Better late than never!

Well, it’s a New Year and better late then never for a new blog post!!

New things have been happening in the Etsy shop.

My friend Ashley Bickford has joined us in our crafty endeavors. We are working on a line of small to medium/large sized dog clothes as well as toys and cat toys.

Ashley and I are both proud mothers of smaller sized dogs who require warm, sensible clothing in the winter. This is Maine, little dogs get cold and wet.