Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is My Dog Spoiled?

This is Leo

This is Leo's lunch. He had $8 a lb. sirloin cooked on the BBQ (only way he'll eat it) and steamed organic broccolini with shaved Parmesan cheese. I had leftover spaghetti sauce and macaroni.

So, I'm thinking, maybe I've spoiled him to much? He won't eat reheated food, he will only eat top quality beef. He will eat chicken if it's fresh cooked. He loves cabbage and steamed broccoli (with Parmesan) but only the heads. He loves peas, pea pods and sweet potatoes. Some days I just can't please him though and he gets mad and refuses to eat anything. That's when I have to break out the hot dogs. If he doesn't eat he gets shaky and if he doesn't like what I have to offer he won't eat period. Everyone says "oh he'll eat when he's hungry enough". No he won't he would just assume lapse into a hypoglycemic coma.

So yes, my dog is spoiled. I love him and I will do anything for him. He came from a kill shelter and he got a second chance. He deserves to have a spoiled life. My cats are also spoiled. They love expensive cheese. They're another story :)