Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Made Etsy's Front Page!!

Wooo! I made Etsy's front page!! Came home from work, checked Etsy and there my Dew the Dew Earrings were! Made from Mountain Dew boxes. Now more people want them, that was my last pair, so I'll have to buy some soda tomorrow. Was trying to loose weight :(

Worked with my father today putting a culvert in a driveway and spreading crushed rock in two driveways. I got to try my hand at grading a driveway with the tractor. I am hoping I can do more in my father's business. He does landscape construction, but has a serious back injury. A car lift at Shepard Nissan (yes I will say the name because people should know what they're all about) fell on him 25 years ago. He had 2 failed back surgeries and has been going downhill since. A neurosurgeon is very surprised he can even walk. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done medically for him and even if there was he could never afford it. He can't do much in his business anymore, but no one would hire him anywhere else since someday's he can't do anything at all. Anyway it's pretty depressing for everyone and I live in constant fear that my parents will loose their house.

Plus I pulled something I believe while attempting to do a sideways sit-up. The whole left side of me feels like I was kicked repeatedly. My ribs, my neck, it hurts to breathe. Consequently I was popping asprin all day long. Now my ears are ringing and my head feels weird. Is that what aspirin does?

On a happier note the fruit trees are in full bloom! I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.
Here's Etsy's front page from this afternoon!

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