Monday, July 21, 2008

Trade from paperwaits

I traded some earrings for these goodies from paperwaits (aka Too Many Trinkets)

Two beautiful pendants and two gorgeous pairs of earrings. I have been admiring her shrink plastic work for a while and her artwork of course. Check her out!

Here's what I traded


Sarah said...

What an awesome trade!! I love those shrink plastic earrings!

Question...where do you get your cards made for your earrings and business cards?

The Smiling Frog said...

I made a few pairs (of shrink plastic earrings) and there are a lot of tricks you need to learn to get them just right.

I use cardstock for both. I just use the Microsoft Publisher business card set up, add the text, clipart, borders, etc., print, then cut with a paper cutter. I used to buy the business cards, but they were even thinner than cardstock and I ended up having to cut all the fuzzies off the egdes. Much cheaper to use cardstock, I go through a lot of cards.