Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recycle vs. Upcycle

It’s all well and good to recycle, but even better to upcycle, also known as using re-claimed materials. What is upcycle you ask?
Here’s one of my favorite definitions as defined by The Urban Dictionary “the practice of taking garbage and turning it into frankenstein objects that hippies buy.”
Pretty much it’s making something un-used into a something useful.

You see recycling takes energy, fuel and more materials. Sure you are re-using materials, but you are still polluting in the process. It still takes factories, more materials and resources to make something new from that material.

Ok, so say you have an old shirt that has a hole or stain or just doesn’t fit, but most of the material is still good. Why not re-purpose that material? There are many, many things that can be re-purposed. So the best thing to do, to create a sustainable society? Number one is if you have something that’s in good shape but you no longer have a use for it give it to someone else. That’s what Goodwill and The Salvation Army are for. If the item still has useful parts or material use it for something else. If all else fails, recycle it.

Go Green!!

I also suggest this web site for loads of go green ideas

1. The Preppy Puppy, upcycled dog sweater by The Smiling Frog Pets

2. Tubeway Armies Arm Warmers, by Gaye Adandon

3. Reused Vintage Skirt Tote, by Wordroots

4. Ruffle Paper Bead Necklace, by Hippie Kingdon

5. Recycled Denim Dog Toys, by The Smiling Frog Pets

6. Care Bears Upcycled Dog Hoodie, by The Smiling Frog Pets

7. Lover Boy Owl, by Woolcrazy


Ashley said...

That you for highlighting the difference. I actually have been using both words interchangeable, bad me :)

Also, the upcycled owl you featured, cutest. thing. ever. I'm off to check out the shop!

The Smiling Frog said...

Upcycle is to re-use, recycle is to pretty much meltdown and make something else with it.

I figured you'd like that owl. :) There's also an adorable little bunny that made be squee with delight.

Sarah said...

Great post!! I love!