Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

My friend and I took our kids, Leo & Prudence around to show off their costumes.

Pru was a punk ballerina and an adorable one at that. Leo was a sweet Pea.

To make Leo's costume I simply made a sweatshirt (out of old sweatpants) and straight stitched two half pea pod shapes on top of each other to the top. One pea pod I split open and put peas, which are just balls made from another pair of sweatpants, into the pod. I tacked the peas in, but they eventually came un-stitched with all of his wiggling around. This morning I caught him dismembering his costume, he wants the peas.

Leo's is scared of Pru, as well as all other dogs, but they got a lot of attention and pictures taken.

Here is Pru's blog-

Leo was also on The Loyal Biscuit blog-

Josie (Leo's aunt, my mother's cat) also got into the action by sporting some homemade bat wings. She liked them so much we had to fight with her to get them off. I made them from 2 layers of black felt with heavy jewelry wire running through the length of them. I made a harness type thing out of lingerie elastic and sewed it to the underside middle.


Ashley said...

I love Josie's wings. And please tell Leo he was the cutest little pea pod ever!

Thanks for linking Pru's blog.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh! How cute!