Sunday, March 22, 2009

Being a smart consumer

So in my quest to become a smart, eco-conscious consumer I purchased a recycled toothbrush a few days ago.

It's made by a company called Preserve, made from Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups as well as other plastics. After you're finished with it they will send you a pre-paid mailer and you send it back to them to be recycled again into picnic tables, boardwalks and decks. It only cost $3.75, which is fairly cheap considering how much all those fancy toothbrushes cost. I feel better using it. It will be one less thing that goes into the trash can.

Think before you purchase. Can this be recycled when I'm done with it? Do I really need it? How was it made, where and by whom?

Watch The Story of Stuff on YouTube. It'll make you think next time you load up your cart with cheap stuff you don't really need at the store or that dreaded big box (Walmart).

The Story of Stuff

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wakeupandlive said...

Thanks! I didn't know about those toothbrushes!