Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Heart Soap

I'm not a girly girl. I don't wear makeup, I like clothes but don't like to dress up. I like anything camouflage. My hair is usually a mess. I do love good smelling soap however. No matter how unkempt I usually look I do like to bathe!

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for soap.

Anderson Soap Company

Mini soaps! They are the perfect size for gifts and little guest soaps. I had a lot of them, but Adam got a hold of them and somehow he can use a whole bar in one shower. I'm starting to think he eats it.

I also love their Anise soap, smells like licorice. While I hate licorice I love the smell and you smell like licorice after you use it. I bought Adam some PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon Soap), which may have not been a good idea. Now his breath and skin smells like cheap beer, bleh!

Adoration Soap

You need to try the Moroccan Fig Soap. Smelled so good I almost ate it!

Ok, this is shampoo not soap, but it's the best shampoo ever! I don't have anymore which is why my hair looks worse than usual.
Gudonya Salty DAWG Creme Shampoo from Gudonya Soap and Spa, LLC

Trillium Soaps

Trillium is a local soap company. They sell their soaps in a lot of local stores and have a store in Rockland.

68 Crescent Street
Rockland, Maine

At their store you can get bags of soap ends. Last time I knew it was $5 a bag and you get quite a bit of soap. If you don't care how pretty your soap is that is.


JennyStench said...

I like smelling good also.... but not a lot of my friends think so. I like patchouli and rosewood and sandlewood. I'm a hippie in disguise. shhh... don't tell anyone. Or I'll lose all my punk points. :)
Anyway, I love the dome. One day, when I get the means, I'm building a home in Maine. A farm. With tons of vegetable growing land.

The Smiling Frog said...

I have a large garden and plenty of land which I would like to use to grown more, but the deer eat everything. I too have always wanted a farm, but after working on a vegetable farm for 2 years I realized it's too much work for me.

wakeupandlive said...

I love soap too!! I am going to have to try out that cream shampoo! It looks interesting :)