Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is My Dog Spoiled?

This is Leo

This is Leo's lunch. He had $8 a lb. sirloin cooked on the BBQ (only way he'll eat it) and steamed organic broccolini with shaved Parmesan cheese. I had leftover spaghetti sauce and macaroni.

So, I'm thinking, maybe I've spoiled him to much? He won't eat reheated food, he will only eat top quality beef. He will eat chicken if it's fresh cooked. He loves cabbage and steamed broccoli (with Parmesan) but only the heads. He loves peas, pea pods and sweet potatoes. Some days I just can't please him though and he gets mad and refuses to eat anything. That's when I have to break out the hot dogs. If he doesn't eat he gets shaky and if he doesn't like what I have to offer he won't eat period. Everyone says "oh he'll eat when he's hungry enough". No he won't he would just assume lapse into a hypoglycemic coma.

So yes, my dog is spoiled. I love him and I will do anything for him. He came from a kill shelter and he got a second chance. He deserves to have a spoiled life. My cats are also spoiled. They love expensive cheese. They're another story :)


wakeupandlive said...

I just LOVE that you spoil your animals like that! We saved all of our cats from being put down as well...animals like that definitely deserve to be spoiled!

wakeupandlive said...

Oh, and Leo is the cutest little dog ever!!

The Smiling Frog said...

My cats were also rescues. All of my animals now are. One cat I got while taking an upholstery course at a local school. The janitor had been feeding her and tried to get animal control to take her, but they wouldn't and she was obviously dying, she was so skinny. Of course once the janitor put her in my arms and I felt her little ribs I cried and put her in my truck. No one was too happy I brought a sickly, worm infested cat home though.

My other cats were in a glass display case with a lobster crate wired to it in the cold eating out of a sharp can of cat food with a FREE KITTENS sign over the cage. They were all very feral and Bri's lip was split wide open, we think someone hit her or kicked her.

So yes they all deserve the best in life. And yes Leo is the cutest dog ever and he knows it :)

Hugh said...

Nice dome! We are new manufacturers of the STRONGEST of all domes in the world - the dodecahedron. Our 32 foot kit goes for under $13,000 and can be totally completed for under $40,000.

Hugh Simpson
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The Smiling Frog said...

Oh, well too late I already have dome and I built it myself for under $10,000! :)