Thursday, June 19, 2008

Been making rings like mad~ take a look!

Anastasia Ring
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The first one has a lot of faux pearls and vintage looking beads. My mother said it looks like old clip on earrings her great grandmother had.

This one has some vintages looking coin charms and flower beads.

This one has a lot of wooden beads, some glass beads and charms. I had to add filigree bead caps to most of the wooden beads because the holes were so big headping slid right through.


Lots of glass flowers, leaves and some charms.


This one ended up looking like a little mini wedding bouquet. Silver charms glass flowers and leaves and a few faux pearls with pretty silver bead caps.

I'll post more as a make them. I loaded up on the ring bases. I'll take a picture of the ring base so you can see what it looks like.

All in the Etsy shop!

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